Monday, 15 December 2014

Crowded Earth

 Copy the following questions in your notebook and answer:
 1.- How many people are moving into cities every year?
2.- Complete this sentence that appears in the video: "The number of people living in the countryside is ________ while the number of people living in cities is ___________.
3.- In what year was the first time there was more people living in cities than in the countryside?
 4.- By the year 2050, how many people (percentage) is expected to be living in urban areas?
5.- Look up in a dictionary the following words or expressions and explain them:
 Crowded; Squeezed ; from scratch; second homes; Footprint
6.- What do you think about the pictures taken in the subway or train in Tokio and Mombay?
 7.- The man talks about a city in which peope are living in tiny tiny apartments. What city is it? How big are these apartments?
8.- What is the biggest city in the world? How many people live there?
9.- What can we use to see how the urban areas are growing/spreading in the territory?
10.- What megalopolis is mentioned in the video? What cities are included?
 11.- What is the idea or solution that Chinese goverment thought to solve the problem with overcrowded areas?
12.- Explain, using your own words, what is "The Earth islands project" in Dubay. What is happening with this islands?
13.- What is the "ecological demand" or footprint according to the video?

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