Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A monastery (2º ESO)

Here you have the picture of a monastery. There are some concepts and vocabulary that you will have to add to the vocabulary of the unit.

The parts in English are:
Sala Capitular: Chapter House. It was the place where the monks met to talk about important issues.
Claustro: Cloister. It was a kind of atrium next to the church that distributed the refectory, the monk cells...
Hospedería: Guests quarters or also hostelry.
Biblioteca: Library. Also called Scriptorium: because it was the place were old books were copied.
Refectorio: Refectory: The place were the monks ate.
Granero: Granery. The place where the cereal was kept.
Monks Cells: The place where the monks slept.
Bodega: wine cellar or winery. The place where they made wine and they keep it.
Cocina: Kitchen.
Cementerio: cementery.
Cuadra: Stable: is the space where animals (mainly horses) were taken after.

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