Thursday, 17 November 2016

Parts of a mosque

Here you have a picture of a mosque. It contains the different parts. Quibla wall: in English Qibla wall, is the wall towards Mulisms face when they are praying Mihrab: is a special room in the Qibla wall where a Koran is kept. Minaret: the tower from which the muezzin calls for praying (Remember that Muslims must pray five times a day). Courtyard or patio: is the transition space between the outside and the inside. There you can find the fountain for ablution, where muslims purify themselves before going to pray inside. Sala de Oración: in English is Prayer room, and is a large space usually covered with columns (as for example, in Cordoba Mosque). Mimbar: is a a kind of pulpit in the mosque where the imam (prayer leader) delivers sermons.

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