Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Unit 1: Byzantine and Carolingian empires. Charlemagne

Watch the video and answer the questions below:
1.- What are the other names of Charlemagne mentioned in the video?
2.- Complete the sentence: Charlemagne reigned from ________ to _________ so in the centuries_________and _________.
3.- When did Charlemagne become emperor? 4.- In the video they mentioned (or wrote) a synonym for Barbarians. Write it.
5.- Where did the Franks settled? and the Lombards? Talking about this Lombards, they were a threat to ____________.
6.- Complete the sentence: At the same time that Charlemagne was ruling the Frankish Kingdom, ( for example, in 799 a.D) almost all the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by _____________.
7.- After Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, the capital of the empire is not a mediterranean city but a northern city called ____________, nowadays in _________________. Write the name of the city in Spanish.

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