Friday, 5 June 2015

Solomonic column

Today you were asking about Solomonic column, something really characteristic of Baroque. Here you have some examples.


  1. Very beautiful piece of Art. I saw similar columns in Luvre in Paris. It becomes even more impressive when you realize that it was created without any technical equipment which makes the process several times easier! I cannot even imagine how all those castles, pyramids and sewages were built in ancient times! they didn’t have all modern machines!

  2. Totally agree, Helen. It´s amazing, when you stop to think how all these things were created at that time...

  3. When I visited Vienna in Austria I was impressed and even shocked by the Castles of the Gabsburgs. It was uncommon for the new king to live in the rooms of his predecessor. So when a new king came to reign the building began. So the process of building was endless, now it looks like labyrinth! I was shocked by the scope of building, and it was done without any equipment!!!