Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Printing Press

Here you have two videos about the printing press. Answer the questions below.
 Vocabulary: (Key words)
Printing press : machine used for printing.
Priceless: of inestimable value.
Moveable types: in Spanish is 'tipos móviles', and it is referred to each small pieces used to print. You can see how they were in these pictures.
Foundations: the basis of something.
Leaflet: a printed and usually folded sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing advertising material or information about a political party, charity, etc.
Lucrative: something that is profitable,something from which you can get money or benefits.
Flourishing: prosperous, thriving. You say something is flourishing when it´s near to its peak. Time consumig: something that takes a lot of time to finish. 
Manuscript: a book or another document written by hand.
Knowledge: specific information about a subject.

 1.- How long did it take for monks in Middle Ages to copy a book?
 2.- Complete the sentences: (from minute 4 aprox.) The establishment of the first __________________ created a large demand on ___________. Books needed to be _______________ and more ____________________
3.- Why do you think this invention was so important?

Here you have an video, these are cartoons, but a funny and interesting way to talk about the invention of writing and then, the invention of the printing press. It is in Spanish.

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