Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Videos Unit 5 : Cities, middle class and cathedrals

1.-Medieval guilds

 2.- Gothic versus Romanesque  
Questions about this video:
 1) Where did Gothic style originated?
2) What is revolucionary about Gothic?
3) In the video it is mentioned a date (Second sunday of June, 1144) What happened that day?
 4) According to the video, what are the advantages of using pointed arch instead of roun or semicircular arches?

3.- The Black Death
Answer the questions about the video:
 1) When did the Black Death happen?
 2) How many people died due to this plague?
 3) What animals carried the plague and how?
4) How long did the Plague take to get to Crimea Peninsula in the Black Sea?
5) How did the Plague enter Europe?
 6) How long did the Black Death take to spread throughout Sicily? 
7) How did the priest describe the Plague? 8) Explain how people reacted to the Black Death.
9) Complete the sentence: Most people believed that the plague was literally ________ on ________.
10) What did people do with the corpses of the dead?

 To know more about the Black Death:

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