Monday, 2 December 2013

Al- Andalus: Muslim Iberian Peninsula

Answer the following questions that appear in the first 20 minutes of the video:
 1.- According to the video, What people was living in Iberian Peninsula before visigoths?
 2.- In the video, a man say this "people of the book". What does it mean? Explain it using your own words.   3.- Who were the Berbers according to the video? what other kind of Muslims there were?
 4.- Who was Tariq? which battle did he fight in Iberian Peninsula?
 5.- What did Jews and Christians have to do to live peacefully in Al Andalus at that time?
6.- Explain, in your own words, what happened with Abderraman I when he came to Al Andalus in the middle of 8th century.
7.- What did the women say about the Cordoba´s Mosque?

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