Thursday, 18 April 2013


Questions about this video:
1.- What did archaeologist were looking for when they discovered Mesopotamia?

2.- What modern country is today in Mesopotamia?

3.- According to archaeologist, what was the basis of this civilisation? (Sumerian civilisation)

4.- Complete the sentece according to the video:  We think about 200.000 people in a....

5.-What was a ziggurat?

6.- One of the Sumerian biggest contribution to Western World is...

7.- What did they say about toys??

8.- What is the sumerian contribution to architecture?

9.- What was the name given to this land (Mesopotamia) after Semites dominate the Sumerians? Who was one of the most important king of this new empire?

10.- Who caused the Babylonia´s downfall? Where did they come from? What did they have in special?


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