Friday, 22 February 2013

Species Odyssey Episodes 1 (5/5) and 2 (5/5) and questions

I posted these videos I finally found for you to watch this wonderful documentary program. This first episode is divided into five parts.

Episode 2

Answer the following questions about the videos we have been watching:

1.- What are the differences between Lucy ( Astralopithecus Afarensis) and Australopithecus Anamensis?

2.- What are the differences between Homo Habilis and Lucy?

3.- What is the meaning of Homo Habilis?

4.- What great discovery did Homo Habilis make?

5.- What were the consequences of that great discovery?

6.- What does Homo Erectus mean?

7.- How did they behave?

8.- What was the consequence of this feeding on their brains?

9.- What does it mean specialization inside the Homo Erectus clan?

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