Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Germanic Tribes: Barbarians Against Romans

 Questions about the video:
 1.- What did the researchers find? Describe it according to the video.
2.- What do you think the woman in the video is doing?
 3.- What did the signs say?
 4.- What important Roman historian is mentioned in the video?
 5.- What happened during the first confrontation with the Germanic tribe in the North?
6.- How did Julius Caesar describe the "men of the north"?
7.- How were the armies organised when they met in Alsace ready for the battle? What happened next?


  1. I'm one of your previous year student´, I see the blog every day and it is great, happy summer

  2. Hello student, I don´t know who you are but from Soria for sure. I hope everything is going well this year and I wish you have a happy summer too.