Tuesday, 24 January 2012

7 billion

First of all, to understand the video completely, you have to take into account that 1 billion in English equals to in Spanish.

KEY WORDS: Births, Deaths, empty, population size, resources,

Now that you´ve watched the video once, watch it twice if necessary and answer the questions:

1.- How many people live now (2011) in the world?
2.- How was the population distributed one thousand years ago?
3.- Fill in the gaps: Now, most people live in ____________, ___________ and ___________________.
4.- When did we reach 1 billion people?
5.- Explain two reasons why people live more time or, in other words, why don´t die so many people as before.
6.- How long does it take to grow from 1 billion to 7 billion people?
7.- How many people is supposed to be in the world by the end of this XXI century?
8.- What three resources are the most important to manage according to the experts?

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